Le Grand Bleu, Explorer Yacht in Kiel

The last week in June is always reserved for Kiel Week in Kiel. Kiel Week or as we say in German “Kieler Woche” is one of the largest sail events in the world! Every year many traditional Tall Ships arrive in Kiel as well as small sailboats to take part in Regatta races held in Kiel Bight. This year one of the largest explorer yachts visited Kiel too. Le Grand Bleu was built in 2000 at Bremer Vulkan shipyard in Germany, with design by Kusch Yachts, Kono-Design and Bannenberg Design. This 113m megayacht is equipped with many tenders and toys! There is a 21m Princess yacht stored on her starboard side and a 22m sailing yacht designed by Dubois Design. And on board are at least six more tenders. The yacht has also the capacity to land two helicopters on two different helidecks and has a petrol tank to refuel them.

Le Grand Bleu visited Copenhagen and Aalborg in Denmark before arriving for Kiel Week in Northern Germany. The yacht is at the moment (02.07.2019) moored in Hamburg. If you have any information about her reason to stop in Kiel or Hamburg please do send us a message via our contact form or via Email to info@superyachtblog.de

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