SKAT sea trials after refit in Wewelsfleth

In May we had the chance to join M/Y SKAT on sea trials after she completed her refit at Kusch Yachts in Wewelsfleth.

The 71m yacht has been sold prior her shipyard period and is now ready to sail the seven seas again. SKAT was built by Lürssen in 2002 with a military design drawn by Espen Oeino.

During her refit SKF Marine installed new stabilizers for smoother sailings and less rolling movements of the yacht.

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Stuck in quarantine – New pictures of Octopus

Things you can do as a yacht photographer during quarantine: Examine your photographs of the last summer.

If you are stuck in quarantine and aren’t allowed to go out of your flat for two weeks. There are two options of how to deal with it. First one, relax on a couch and wait until these long 14 days are over. Or second option, try to do as much “office” work as possible from home. So instead of reclining on a couch with your TV on, it was time to look up our harddrives for some yet unshared new pictures. And there are several unique treasures which are about to be revealed here.

Perfectly polished and washed down hull of Octopus.
Perfectly polished and washed down hull of Octopus.

During MYS 2019 we’ve been extremely busy, catching up with some yacht industry friends, visiting yachts, doing sea trials in the bay, etc. There was a lot to do and many pictures had been taken during these couple of days. But it sadly wasn’t possible to process all these pictures. That’s why we still have many pictures in the pipeline.

One of the largest yachts during MYS 2019, Octopus next to Maltese Falcon.
One of the largest yachts during MYS 2019, Octopus next to Maltese Falcon.

Before you’re getting bored of our wailing we present you some pictures of Octopus. This recoginzable yacht has been listed for sale in early 2019 and was showcased in Monaco for the very first time. She was built in 2003 in Kiel for Paul Allen. Octopus is a true explorer yacht and was used a lot for expeditions and explorations. In 2015 her owner discovered the sunken battleship Musashi in the Sibuyan Sea. After Paul Allens death in October 2018 the yacht arrived in Hamburg for a refit. Since 2019 she is up for sale and ready to start sailing the world again with a new owner. On board are various tenders and toys stored, including two helicopters, a large submarine for up to 8 people and a 19m Vikal tender.⁠

007 meets Octopus(sy)
007 meets Octopus(sy)
Lürssens Octopus been inspected by a DutchCraft DC56 and two RIBs.
Lürssens Octopus been inspected by a DutchCraft DC56 and two RIBs.
One of her two helicopters is waiting for the next flight on her bow.
One of her two helicopters is waiting for the next flight on her bow.
Lürssen exploreryacht Octopus in Monaco
One of Octopus helicopter is waiting for the next flight on her bow.
Lürssen combo in Monaco: Kismet - Flying Fox - Octopus (from left to right)
Lürssen combo in Monaco: Kismet – Flying Fox – Octopus (from left to right)

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Nord (ex. Project Opus) in the Baltic Sea

Superyacht Nord in Kiel

This stunning newbuild yacht was recently named Nord. She was built by Lürssen in Bremen. After some sea trials her owner went on a first voyage to the Baltic Sea. After visits in Eckernförde, Flensburg and the isle of Rügen. Nord returned to Kiel for a passage through the Kiel Canal. Many people turned heads while this 142m megayacht made her way to the locks in Kiel Holtenau. This morning she arrived in Bremen and will shortly be delivered. Design was drawn by Nuvolari – Lenard, while the project was managed by Moran Yachts.

Nord is the owners upgrade from his previous vessel Lady M which we had spotted five years ago in Sardinia, Italy.

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Eclipse back in Hamburg

Luxuryyacht Eclipse in Hamburg

It’s been quite a while since my last blog post here on Superyachtblog. Currently we are focusing on social media and improving of our photographer skills. But we hope to deliver more content here as well.

A few weeks ago the legendary superyacht Eclipse arrived in Hamburg. This 163 meter long vessel was built in 2010 in Hamburg at Blohm&Voss shipyard. And now she’s back at her construction site for a refit. Eclipse is well known for her serial yacht owner Roman Abramovic. As well as for many rumors about her technical features. Confirmed is that Terence Disdale designed her exterior and interior. Eclipse is the largest yacht drawn by him and his team, but he is responsible for several other well known yachts like A+(ex. Topaz), Pelorus, Radiant, Tatoosh,…

And here are some pictures of megayacht Eclipse in Hamburg. If you are interested in more pictures, please drop a message to

Luxuryyacht Eclipse in Hamburg
Special guest on Elbe river
Megayacht Eclipse in Hamburg
Eclipse in Hamburg
Roman Abramovics yacht in Hamburg in front of the container terminals.

The largest charter yacht to date! Flying Fox

Flying Fox yacht in Monaco

Flying Fox is a really impressive appearance! With 136m, which is larger than a football field, she’s the largest yacht for charter at the moment! The serial yacht owner who already owned a Nobiskrug motoryacht with a length of 73,5m, with the same name. But his present yacht was built 2019 in Bremen at the Lürssen shipyard. The grey hull and her beautiful lines were drawn by Espen Oeino and Mark Berryman designed her massive interior! Flying Fox already visited the famous Norwegian fjords on her maiden voyage and is now available in the Med. The rumours are that she can be chartered for about 4.000.000€/week + expenses. Flying Fox is available for charter through Imperial Yachts.

Enjoy the pictures of this giant!

Katara, 124m, Lürssen

Die 124 Meter lange Superyacht Katara, gebaut im Jahr 2010 bei Lürssen in Bremen ist im Moment zu Besuch in Norddeutschland. Sie ist aktuell in Rendsburg, für ein Refit bei Nobiskrug. Da die Docks der Werft zunächst noch belegt waren ging es an den Pier des Rendsburger Kreishafens. Nach einer Probefahrt in der Kieler Bucht am 6.2.2019, bei der unter anderem die Motoren der Luxusyacht getestet wurden, ging es einen Tag später in das nun freigewordene Dock bei Nobiskrug.

Nachfolgend nun einige Bilder von Katara in Rendsburg und auf dem Weg zu ihrer Probefahrt in Kiel.

Projekt TIS, Lürssen, Rendsburg

On the 13th of August project TIS (Palo Alto) was launched by Luerssen in Rendsburg. It was a big pleasure to see this huge superyacht hits the water for the first time.  I’ve spent several hours watching this scenery. When she came out of the shed and made a 180° turn it was so interesting so see so many details and beautiful lines all over the whole superyacht!

This 111m superyacht will be delivered at the end of this year. TIS was designed by Winch Design and managed by Moran Yacht & Ship.

Enjoy the pictures of her launch!

Avanti (ex. Phoenix), 61m Lürssen Yacht

Enjoy some pictures of Avanti. This 61 meter superyacht was built  in 2004 by Luerssen. The timeless yacht has an impressive range of 7700nm at her cruising speed of 13 knots.

Exterior designed by Winch Design and interior was drawn by Moffit Design. Accomodation for up to 12 people and a crew of 16.

The yacht spent some time in the Baltic Sea. Great to see more and more yacht exploring this beautiful area in Northern Europe.

Skat, a 70m Lürssen Superyacht in Kiel

Espen Oeino designed the military inspired superyacht Skat. She is 70,70 meter long and has a beam of 13,50 meter. The Lürssen yacht was built in 2002 and outfitted with interior by Marco Zanini.

Skat made a cruise from Amsterdam to Stockholm with stop in Copenhagen. I caught her passing Kiel Canal on 19th of June.

Enjoy the pictures of this unique yacht! If you want to use them, please contact me via my contact form.


Monaco Yacht Show 2017

Auch dieses Jahr war ich wieder auf der Monaco Yacht Show unterwegs. Neben einigen Yachtbesichtigungen hatte ich in diesem Jahr auch die Chance eine Tender-Tour durch die Bucht von Monaco zu machen. Hier gibt es nun eine erste Galerie mit Eindrücken aus Monaco. Der nächste Beitrag wird im Laufe der kommenden Woche veröffentlicht. Er wird sich mit einer 60 Meter Yacht befassen. Weitere Informationen werden folgen. Seid gespannt! Schaut auch auf meinem Instagramprofil: Superyachtblog vorbei, dort werden regelmäßig Bilder von der Show gepostet. Ebenso wie auf Facebook: Superyachtblog

I’ve been again on the Monaco Yacht Show this year. It was a great success with many Yacht visits and a tender tour in the bay of Monaco. This is a first impressions gallery with pictures from the show. Next week I will publish the first yacht review. It is about a 60 meter superyacht. More informations will be in the article. Stay tuned! Check out my Instagramprofile: Superyachtblog for daily posts from the show, as well as on facebook: Superyachtblog