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Game Changer visiting London  Picture: Jeff Brown/Amels

A rare sight on the Thames, DAMEN’s new 70-metre GAME CHANGER (227 ft) has spent three days in London to promote the Yacht Support range of vessels. Visitors enjoyed a full array of tenders, toys and a submersible, but GAME CHANGER also prompted many serious discussions about safe helicopter operations.

“GAME CHANGER made a big impression on the owners, captains, brokers and designers who joined us on board, particularly with its helicopter capability and all-weather protected hangar,” comments AMELS Commercial Director Rose Damen, who is also responsible for DAMEN’s yachting portfolio. “When it comes to superyacht helipad design and operation, many in the industry are re-examining accepted practice and rethinking the level of risk that we are asking owners to accept for their family and friends. GAME CHANGER really offers the ultimate yachting solution for professional helicopter operations.”

GAME CHANGER features a fully certified LY3 helideck suitable for charter/commercial use and based on DAMEN’s long experience building to stringent offshore regulations. GAME CHANGER’s owner can operate larger helicopters with 5-tonne maximum take-off weight and D14 rotor diameter. These long-range aircraft can land safely night and day in a wider weather window. Lowering the helicopter into the hangar protects it from the elements so it can be refuelled and made available for take-off without causing hassle, disruption and noise on the mother yacht. The hangar and refuelling systems – including Jet A-1 fuel tanks holding 10,000 litres – are built to high safety and fire-fighting standards.

In addition to the helicopter capability, visitors on board also appreciated GAME CHANGER’s purpose-built yachting features and quality finish, explains DAMEN Product Director Mark Vermeulen.

“This was a great opportunity to offer a closer look at the Yacht Support concept – which is still a relatively new phenomenon in the industry,” he notes. “A Yacht Support vessel is a massive leap forward in capability for the growing number of owners who want to do more with more equipment, more toys and more staff. Our vessels are perfectly equipped to support wide-ranging superyacht operations, but with a significantly lower Total Cost of Ownership than acquiring a larger yacht. Plus, owners get all the benefits of flexible operations and privacy. That’s why we call it the Smart Stretch.”

GAME CHANGER is the fourth Yacht Support vessel in the 70-metre segment following the delivery of INTREPID, ‘6711’ and GARÇON. With its Yacht Support range, DAMEN is now the established leader in this rapidly developing niche. In total 11 DAMEN Yacht Support vessels have been delivered or are in build. The Yacht Support range is based on DAMEN’s patented and proven SEA AXE range of offshore vessels – DAMEN has sold more than 200 of these vessels. GAME CHANGER is now returning to the AMELS yard in Vlissingen the Netherlands where it is available for immediate delivery.

“Being so close to London – Tower Bridge is just 150 miles from AMELS – makes visiting the city very easy,” Rose continues. “London is an important superyacht centre in its own right with a large number of clients as well as the brokerage community. We really noticed that when visitors came on board to judge the solution for themselves, they left very enthusiastic about all the possibilities that a Yacht Support vessel opens up. Last year we successfully exhibited a Yacht Support vessel in Fort Lauderdale and we hope to bring another vessel to Monaco later this year.” (Note from Editor: Read here the post about “Axis”, ex Fast & Furious. She was displayed in Monaco and Fort Lauderdale as mentioned above)


* Length overall 69.15 metres (227 ft)

* Beam overall 11.50 metres (38 ft)

* Draught (full load) 3.65 metres (12 ft)

* Gross Tonnage 1,200

* Naval architecture DAMEN

* Speed (maximum) 22 knots

* Range @ 16 knots 4,500 nautical miles

* Staff/crew 22

* Deck space 250 square metres

* Deck crane 12 tonnes

* Heli max. take-off weight 5,000 kg


Vanish, 66m Feadship

Superyacht Vanish in London

Vanish ist eine 66 Meter lange Superyacht von Feadship, sie wurde im Mai 2016 an ihren Eigner ausgeliefert. Das Design wurde von Eidsgaard Design sowie dem Kooperationspartner der Feadship Werft, De Voogt Naval Architects, gemeinsam entworfen. Ehemals als Projekt 809 bekannt erreicht das Schiff eine Höchstgeschwindigkeit von 17,5 Knoten und eine Reisegeschwindigkeit von 12 Knoten, damit hat sie eine Reichweite von 5200nm. Auf der Yacht befinden sich sechs Kabinen für bis zu zwölf Gäste inklusive Eigner. Für die Gäste steht eine 17-köpfige Crew zur Verfügung.  Das Exterieur hat mit den hölzernen Geländern kleine Akzente in den ansonsten weiß gehaltenen Aufbauten. Über das Interieur ist bislang nicht viel bekannt, da die Yacht ausschließlich privat benutzt werden soll. Auf dem Vordeck befindet sich ein Helipad, zudem sind Annehmlichkeiten wie eine Sauna, Jacuzzi, Fitnessraum und Stabilisatoren selbstverständlich. Nachdem Bau des Rumpfes wurde die Yacht noch während der Bauphase verkauft. Nach Spekulationen des “Superyachtfans” ist der neue Eigner Larry van Tuyl. Die erste Reise nach der Auslieferung an ihren Eigner ging nach London.

Superyacht Vanish during LYJAPCS in London

Vanish is a 66,25 meter long superyacht build by Feadship and delivered in may 2016. The design is from Eidsgaard Design as well as the Feadship cooperation studio, De Voogt Naval Architects. First known as project 809, the yacht reaches a maximum speed of 17,5 knots and cruises at 12 knots with a range of 5200nm. Aboard are six cabins for twelve guests including the owner. For a pleasent stay of the guests is a team of seventeen crew members responsible. The exterior is metallic white with wooden railings as an eyecatcher. About the interior isn’t very much known due to the fact that she is only used private. The yacht has a helipad on the foredeck and of course there are a gym, sauna, jacuzzi and stabilizers on board. During the construction phase Vanish was sold to her new owner, Larry van Tuyl, as the “superyachtfan” suspected. Her maiden voyage was from the Netherlands to the British captial city London.