FB 276 Benetti sold

Benetti has announced the sale of a custom 63-meter FB276 to a German owner, introduced by Kurt Lehmann of Yacht Moments.

The yacht consists of a steel hull and an aluminium superstructure. The exterior of the FB276 is the result of a joint effort between Benetti and Giorgio M. Cassetta Design, while the interior is by Bannenberg & Rowell. FB276 is a modern yacht characterised by extreme onboard liveability, which is achieved by meticulously optimising the generous interior volumes with respect to exterior spaces defined by simple, flowing lines. The defining feature of this yacht, located on the upper deck, is what can only be described as a spacious “apartment”.  This offers the owner 162 m2 of extreme privacy, including the owner’s cabin, which has large glazed surfaces on three sides, two bathrooms, a walk-in wardrobe and a separate living area with sofa and television. These are all connected with a bow cockpit combined with a 55 m2 bow terrace complete with touch and go helipad. The privacy of the area is ensured during navigation as well, with the help of the “sun roof”, which is specially designed to block the view from the wheelhouse. The central stairway leads directly to the bridge deck and the third cockpit, which has a dining table seating 12, a bar, a jacuzzi and a sun lounging area. On the main deck, in addition to the saloon with living and dining areas, is the big full-beam VIP cabin with side terrace, studio, dressing room and double bathroom. The design of this yacht also features many other distinctive and innovative elements. They include the stern beach club, which is open on three sides, offering exceptional contact with the sea, when both of the two side doors and the stern door are open. A stairway from the cockpit on the main deck provides access to this living area during navigation. The large cockpit on the main deck is joined by another one on the upper deck.

The spaces available in the FB276 have allowed Bannenberg & Rowell to experiment, in particular with asymmetrical layouts. The new approach is clear to see in the beach club, which is rotated about 30 degrees off-centre to open up new perspectives of the sea, as well as in the main and upper deck saloons, which are turned through the same angle to challenge conventional expectations and perceptions. Likewise, the all-around owner’s suite has been designed to offer breath-taking panoramic views through the large windows over the private bow deck.

Christos Ramnialis, Benetti General Manager, commented: “We are very proud of the recent sale of the FB276 to an owner from Germany, which is an extremely important strategic market for us. This is without a doubt the result of the internationally-recognised quality of our products and our consolidated financial solidity, which has allowed Benetti to win the trust of customers in all market segments and geographical areas”

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Benettis FB 276   Pictures: Benetti



Coral Ocean (ex. Coral Island), 72m(238ft) Lürssen

Coral Island, AntibesCoral Ocean ist eine 72 Meter lange Superyacht aus dem Jahr 1994. Gebaut wurde sie in den Hallen der Lürssen Wert. Das mit Exterieur- und Interieurdesign von Jon Bannenberg entworfene Schiff erreicht eine Höchstgeschwindigkeit von 17 Knoten und hat eine Reichweite von 5000 nautische Meilen. Eine 22-köpfige Crew kümmert sich auf der Yacht um bis zu 12 Gäste. Auf dem Achterdeck befindet sich eine große Treppe, die vom Hauptdeck über das Oberdeck bis zum Sonnendeck reicht. Auf dem Vorschiff befindet sich ein Helipad, zudem sind Vosper Stabilisatoren im Schiff instaliert. Die Superyacht fällt unter anderem durch ihren beigen Rumpf auf. Auf dem Hauptdeck sind die Tender untergebracht. Im Jahr 1999 gab es einige Schlagzeilen in der Presse über die Yacht, da ein sieben Millionen US-Dollar teures Gemälde von Pablo Picasso, welches seine Geliebte Dora Maar zeigt, von der Yacht gestohlen wurde. Gebaut hat die Yacht der saudische Scheich Al Sheikh Modhassan, dieser verkaufte sie an Roman Abramovich. Coral Island, Antibes (1)